Mastery of the water cycle
from A to Z

Water is both a natural resource essential to life, an integral part of the development of our territories, a source of energy production and storage but also a possible risk for populations. Our experts intervene at each stage of the water cycle, with the sole objective of improving the performance of our customers in a sustainable manner while respecting the environment.

Seureca is recognized for its international experience in the drinking water and wastewater sector, covering all stages of the water cycle: production and distribution of drinking water, collection, and treatment of wastewater, recycling solutions.




The complete outline
of our expertise
in the water field:


Our solutions for water management for municipalities and manufacturers

Water management for buildings

Buildings of all kinds are major consumers of water and hot water. Seureca develops engineering solutions that enable building owners to combine occupant comfort with environmental performance and health protection.


Our expertise:

  • Building water network audit
  • Compliance control
  • Building health audit (pseudomonas, legionellosis…)
  • Water savings study
  • ​Building water networks maintenance

Industrial water

With more than 50 years of experience, Seureca fully grasps the environmental, regulatory and efficiency concerns related to water, process water, and wastewater management for industries.


Our expertise:

  • Process water production
  • Wastewater treatment technologies
  • Start-up and field monitoring of full-scale plants
  • Water reuse and bioenergy studies
  • Testing and prototype design
  • Training and knowledge transfer

Water reuse

Integrated water management is increasingly important, not only from the perspective of limiting wastewater discharges -and the associated costs- but also from the approach of limiting ground water and/or tap water intake. A rationalization plan for water usage and use of alternative water sources can significantly reduce the "water footprint" as well as water intake and discharge costs.


Our expertise:

  • Consumption water audits
  • Alternative sources or water re-use opportunities studies
  • Water recycling feasibility studies
  • Water re-use facilities design

Energy recovery

Although wastewater treatment uses much energy, it is a major source of clean energy. For instance, some treatment phases such as sludge digestion release methane, which can be captured and recycled to produce heat and electricity. Treatment sludge is rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, which makes it an excellent source of fertilizer. By harnessing these different clean energy sources, Seureca makes treatment plants more versatile.


Our expertise:

  • Anaerobic water treatment expertise
  • Feasibility studies for bio-gas production and re-use
  • Anaerobic treatment units design

Water and wastewater treatment

Producing high-quality drinking water, collecting, and wastewater treatment that can be safely released into the environment or recycled is the core of Seureca’s expertise. Seureca’s team can assist with any issue in water treatment, desalination, and wastewater treatment plants. Seureca also helps clients upgrade or build new water facilities.


Our expertise:

  • Plant operational audit, troubleshooting and follow-up
  • Feasibility studies, concept and detailed design
  • Best available technology studies
  • Treatment process assessment
  • Sludge examination
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Re-use opportunity studies
  • Odor management

Water quality

Quality water protects the health of local people. Industries must control the water quality of effluents and comply with demanding environmental regulation standards. Seureca provides assistance with water quality monitoring, testing, and improvement at the plant level, or at any point in the network. Seureca is equipped with its own state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Ghent, able to carry out water quality tests, in-house pilot scale research, water treatment process options, and technology assessments.


Our expertise:

  • Water sampling program
  • Laboratory techniques
  • Chlorination modeling

Asset management and maintenance

To ensure smooth and sustainable water operations, Seureca preconizes best practices in asset management and maintenance. Seureca’s core business offer is to investigate the most reliable equipment, optimize asset efficiency and operational expenditures, and implement preventive maintenance systems.


Our expertise:

  • Asset management
  • Investment planning
  • Preventive maintenance programs

Water networks

Water is transported from the plants to the customer by interconnected transmission and distribution networks which need to be regularly upgraded, maintained, and aligned with urban development needs. Seureca’s hydraulic expert engineers master network engineering with proven experience in the field since 1959.


Our expertise:

  • Non-revenue water, water losses reduction
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Leak detection techniques
  • Pressure modulation
  • Metering

Wastewater networks

Before treatment and release into the natural environment, wastewater is collected from the sewer networks and transported to treatment plants through interconnected transmission and distribution networks. The networks need to be regularly upgraded, maintained, and aligned with urban development needs. Seureca’s engineers and experts have proven experience in wastewater network management to run efficient assistance to improve sewage services and solve operational issues.


Our expertise:

  • Master plan and investment program definition
  • Wastewater network modelling/hydraulic diagnosis
  • Sewage pumping station audit
  • Odor control
  • Sewage system preliminary design and OPEX/CAPEX estimates
  • Technical assistance on operations and maintenance

Water utilities planning and strategy

A growing preoccupation to minimize performance costs and achieve quality service leads to long-term customer satisfaction in water utilities. This is why Seureca has developed solid methodologies to help clients meet their objectives and measure the results.


Our expertise:

  • Water need forecast
  • Infrastructure and investment planning
  • KPIs and Balanced scorecards
  • Economic and financial studies
  • Business Plans
  • Rate studies

Water resource

Water is a precious resource, and must be carefully managed to protect biodiversity and best serve human needs. Seureca offers services to public authorities, governments, and environmental organizations to help them protect, restore, and enhance the ecological balance of their natural water resources. 


Our expertise :

  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology


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