A two-phase impact assessment for PepsiCo's production increases

Industrial water

Pepsico Veurne Snack Foods planned to increase its Doritos production in two phases, a first boost of 300% at the end of 2020, and a second growth phase by 2022. PepsiCo questioned whether the current sanitation system in place was adequate to accommodate this growth or whether investments were needed to expand its treatment capacity.

The company commissioned an impact study on the evolution of treatment capacities and treatment processes, with a focus on pre-treatment processes, biogas production, nitrogen treatment and chemical oxygen demand, and sludge quality.

Our solution

The study was carried out in two phases:

1st phase - in 2018: A present-day impact assessment and a speculative impact study during the business growth phase

  • A complete evaluation of the existing wastewater yield from various sources, the capacity, and the efficiency of the wastewater treatment plant, and the characterization of the main flows, including an assessment to determine the physico-chemical treatability;
  • A final evaluation of the theoretical impact of the two planned growth phases, and a predictive hydraulic and mass balance for chemical oxygen demand and nitrogen.

2nd Phase - in 2019 : Verification of the speculative calculations through laboratory pilot tests

  • A comprehensive simulation of the wastewater treatment was conducted in our laboratories to measure key performance indicators while regularly increasing the capacity load consistent with the speculative studies.


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