Current and future challenges for the industrial sector

To maintain its competitiveness and efficiency, the industrial sector must anticipate and meet current and future challenges related to operational, environmental, and economic issues:

  • Optimization of production processes, operational costs, and investments;
  • Management of operational constraints in a growth phase;
  • Improving environmental and health performance;
  • Reduction of carbon and water footprints;
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.

To meet these challenges, we accompany our clients from the consulting phase to operational implementation, via a variety of services including audits and studies, sizing, process transformation and optimization, strategic and operational assistance, and training and skills transfer.



Our goal for our industrial customers

To resource

Assisting industries in optimizing the
management of their
water and energy

To reduce

industrialists in
reducing their
footprint and costs.

To recycle

Promoting the
of industrial
waste into
new resources.

To reuse

Accompanying the
industry in the
recovery and reuse
of materials
and resources.


Your partner for a sustainable industry

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Meeting all the needs worldwide

Emergencies: Punctual interventions

  • Troubleshooting
  • Advice and second opinion
  • Audits and evaluations

Short or medium-term missions

  • Training
  • Studies
  • Design, transformation, and/or process optimization
  • Deployment of operational and digital tools 
  • Works supervision

Long-term collaborations

  • Operational assistance
  • Continuous support, monitoring
  • Change management
  • Remote supervision


Why choose Seureca?

An easy and centralized access to a wide range
of skills and international profile for the client.

A reactive and adaptable organization
for tailor-made services.

A state-of-the art expertise to meet 

An accompaniment in the setup
of many outsourced RFP-RFQs.


  • Whole effluent analysis (WET)
  • Simulations in continuous mode
  • Pilot tests
  • Ecotoxicity tests


  • Network modelling and cartography
  • ScreenTool: Water Management Plan and audit
  • Pearl: Treatment field design simulation
  • Operational Hydraulic Modelling
  • Energy-Pro
  • Hubgrade Carbon Footprint

Our tools & methods

Seureca Industrial Water Services

Located in Belgium, Seureca Industrial Water Services (formerly Epas International) is our subsidiary that specializes in providing water cycle consulting services for industries.

Drawing on its expertise and deep understanding of water-related challenges in the industrial context, Seureca Industrial Water Services assists its clients in optimizing water consumption, conceptual design, reducing their environmental footprint, and exploring alternatives options for better resource management to develop innovative, sustainable solutions.

Seureca Industrial Water Services offers both occasional and tailor-made interactive training courses designed to improve the optimization of water facilities. The number of participants in our training is:



Our emblematic references

Business Case
Water assessment and design of the wastewater treatment system at a center for waste sorting and storage
Business Case
Technical assistance in recycling the plastic from yogurt container
Business Case
Wastewater treatment plant design for the OQ MAF refinery in Muscat