Works management assistance for increasing the drinking water supply in Mombasa

Water resources, DW and WW treatment

With over one million inhabitants, Mombasa is the second largest city in Kenya. The city is currently suffering from a serious shortage of drinking water, with demand vastly outstripping the supply, while climate variability, droughts, and floods are having a serious impact on the population.

To meet this need, Seureca is accompanying the Coast Water Works Development Agency (CWWDA) for a 5-year period in implementing the «Mwache» program.  Jointly financed by the AFD and the World Bank, this program aims to provide the city and its outskirts with an additional 150,000 m3/d of drinking water.

The program involves improvement of the city’s drinking water and sanitation systems, construction of a new dam, a drinking water treatment plant and associated infrastructures, installation of transfer pipes, and technical and operational support for the operator, Mowasco.

Our solution

Seureca is involved in the implementation and the technical and financial supervision of 11 work packages covering 15 studies and work contracts. The teams are implementing management and monitoring tools for the major infrastructure projects:

  • Project management manual, communication plan, establishing the project unit;
  • Planning, monitoring, and updating the entire program;
  • Procurement plan, budget control, disbursements and payments, and technical studies review;
  • Skills transfer to ensure the sustainability of the operation.

A project management unit jointly composed of Seureca and CWWDA experts enables the program to be designed and developed with detailed quarterly follow-up and updating for the Kenyan Government and its funding partners.


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