Our commitments to sustainable development

Firmly believing in the role and utility of companies to meet society's expectations, Veolia is one of the first French companies to have defined its core purpose, under the leadership of its CEO, who believes that "a company is successful because it is useful and not the other way around".

In the heart of this ambitious collective project, Seureca, Veolia’s Consulting Engineering division, has defined its CSR policy and commitments. Now more than ever let’s ask ourselves the right questions in both our profession and in our daily lives, and help our customers to strive for more sustainable solutions and achievements for our planet, society, and the generations to come.

Seureca has built its CSR policy collectively based on three essential commitments.

To be exemplary within 
our company 
and collectively

  • Reducing our carbon
    footprint, with our
    Carbon Footprint Report
  • Ensuring the quality of life
    at work and health and
    safety for our employees
  • Maintening a high level
    of qualifications through
    the skills development
  • Contributing to the
    development of its areas
    of operation, through job
    creation and partnerships
    with local actors

To be proactive in the preparation
of our offers 
by striving to adaopt an
"eco-engineering" perspective

  • Integrating CSR in all its
    environmental, social
    and societal dimensions 
  • Offering innovative and
    sustainable solutions in
    response to the current and
    future needs of our clients
    and the communities concerned

To carry out our projets
responsibly, seeking to achieve
an optimum balance of impact
for our clients and
the territories where we work

  • Assisting our clients in the implementation of CSR in their projects
  • Exercising our engineering profession rationnally, and highlighting the positive imprint

In 2020, we confirmed our commitment to the climate by signing a charter drawn up by our trade federation, Syntec-Ingénierie, for all its members.
In signing this Engineering Charter, we have pledged to implement concrete actions:

  • Within our company: by reducing business air travel, setting up measures to stimulate an eco-friendly use of digital tools, and by grading our carbon footprint, which has since become an internal expertise at Seureca.
  • Through our projects: offering our clients sustainable solutions and accompanying them in the conservation of resources.

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An engineering charter
for the climate

 On October 14, 2021, Seureca signed the Engineering Diversity Charter, launched by the Syntec-Ingénierie federation, during the 20th edition of the Meet’ingé forum organized for the engineering professions.

To take things further, Seureca has now pledged to work alongside Syntec-Ingénierie and other signatory companies to foster gender diversity in the workplace and to develop the role of women in engineering. Tangible actions will be conducted under the four engagements in the Diversity Charter:

  1. Take action to change the image of engineering among young people, especially girls and young women.
  2. Ensure equal treatment for women and men throughout their careers.
  3. Promote a balance in professional and personal life for all employees.
  4. Encourage access to managerial positions for women by fostering upward mobility.

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Engineering Diversity Charter

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