Technical assistance in recycling the plastic from yogurt container

Industrial waste

Veolia commissioned Seureca to assist one of its industrial customers in the development of a closed-loop recycling solution for recycling some 4,000 tons of yogurt container packaging waste in order to produce new containers

The waste to be recycled is composed of polystyrene and a lid welded with heat-sealed lacquer. The objective is to obtain a high-quality recycled plastic by separating the polystyrene and the lid.

There are considerable restrictions on the quality of recycled plastic, because it must comply with food-grade standards. The appearance must correspond to new resin and the recycled plastic be approved by the industrial manufacturer of the pots. 

Our solution

Seureca's services focused on:

  • Determining which recycling processes could be used to achieve the required quality; 
  • Setting up tests on the selected processes and establishing a quality protocol with analysis of the recycled product obtained after testing; 
  • Defining the quality-grade threshold.


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