Health and safety for 100% of our employees

Health and safety is a priority and a constant concern for Seureca in all its activities. Everywhere, we are committed to guaranteeing the physical and psychological integrity of our employees. Improving prevention, accident analysis, social dialogue on health and safety are a priority within our company.

Strengthening prevention day by day

Recognizing that improving the health and safety of employees at work is synonymous with increasing performance for the company and well-being at work, Seureca has positioned health and safety prevention as a major and permanent objective of its activities . Leverage of transformation, prevention, health and safety was the subject of a new commitment by Veolia's General Management in 2013, with which the General Management of Seureca is perfectly on line. The aim is to reinforce the approach, to support the efforts already undertaken in this field and to involve all employees at all levels of the organization, as well as the stakeholders, in order to guarantee their physical and mental integrity. More than a strategy, Health and Safety Prevention is an integral part of all activities and structuring processes of the company.

Performance 2017

Frequency rate 

less than 2.5

2/3 of employees 

received safety training

40% of the workfoce

trained in first aid