World water day 2020

Theme: Water and Climate Change

Water, a vital resource for mankind, is being severely depleted due to increasing demand, growing urbanization, as well as climate change.

Besides being an aggravating factor in political instability, this resource's deterioration will have a medium and long-term impact on the security of global food supplies.  It should also be noted that extreme weather conditions, such as floods and droughts, will become more severe as the climate continues to change.

Seureca provides its customers with solutions for sound, sustainable management of their water resources.  Some recent examples include:

  • Seureca contributed to the prognosis, prevention preparation, and management of flood risks in the rainwater drainage system of the capital of Ecuador, Guayaquil;
  • In Oman, Seureca carried out a pre-feasibility study for the artificial groundwater replenishment and the storage of water resources;
  • Seureca is assisting the government of Cameroon in the works management to supply drinking water from the Sanaga River to the city of Yaoundé and its outskirts.