Performance-based Contracting (PBC) of private operators is one of the various contractual frameworks commonly used for public infrastructure and services improvement, which aims at engaging both parties to reach projects’ outcomes according to a win-win principle. It links Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), baseline values and contractual payments against project targets to be reached throughout the project duration.

At Seureca, it is the Strategic and Operational Assistance (SOA) Department’s mandate to assist our clients in boosting their performance and supporting their transformation using  PBCs’ principles whenever and wherever applicable.


As a part of the 2020 Trade and Investment Convention webinar hosted by The Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers Association, Mr. Francois Lacour, head of the Seureca SOA Department, presented the use of PBCs and proven innovative solutions from an international utility leader to successfully improve the financial and operational performance of the public sector.


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