2018 Activity Report

A determination to go one step further...

Our 2018 activity report is available

In 2018, our teams completed close to 300 projects in more than 65 countries around the world. You will find in our activity report our most emblematic projects this year, our key figures and our evolution perspectives.

Contents of this edition:

  • Interview with Christophe Maquet, President of Veolia Ingénierie Conseil and Philippe Bloch, CEO of Seureca
  • 2018 key figures of our activity
  • Map of our projects and locations
  • The digital chageover of our activities
  • Support to Veolia's bids
  • 14 emblematic contracts
  • 60 years of Seureca


Read our full online activity report through this link.

Seureca | 2018 Activity Report (24.98 MB)