Addis Ababa - Ethiopia

Acces to water and sanitation


Studies and work supervision of the wastewater plant for the Chefe Wastershed at Addis Ababa

To improve hygiene, reduce pollution in the receiving environment, and ensure that the 200,000 inhabitants of the Ethiopian capital have access to decent sanitation, the Addis Ababa Water and Sewage Authority (AAWSA) sought to upgrade the sanitation infrastructure at the Chefe watershed, thus complying with targets set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

To do so, AAWSA entrusted Seureca with the detailed design studies, preparation of tender documents, procurement support, and construction supervision for the sanitation infrastructure. The scope of work includes an expansion of 22 km of sewerage network, and the renovation and further extension of the wastewater treatment plant to an increased capacity of 25,000 m3/day.

Our solution

Seureca has revised the dimensioning of the existing system and has outlined an extension of the wastewater treatment plant, optimizing treatment processes, and proposed the following course of action:


  • Screens, degreasers and grit chambers, flow meter;
  • UASB reactor with biogas production;
  • Biological filters;
  • Clarifiers;
  • Drying bed for sludge to be used in agriculture.

An emphasis was put on establishing suitable specifications according to best practices for civil engineering, electrical and mechanical equipment, instrumentation, and monitoring the supplies and installation.

Work supervision was carried out over four years by Seureca, including during the Covid-19 period. Thus AAWSA’s interests were ensured from the execution studies through to the acceptance operations and warranty period, including training and support for operation and maintenance.

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