Project management for the rehabilitation of the Akouédo landfill in Abidjan

Recycling and recovery

Under the initiative of the Ivorian Government, the public landfill of Akouédo was officially closed in December 2018 in order to renovate the site. Since the end of the 1960s, it had been the principal outlet for household waste in Abidjan. Approximately 18 million tons of waste was dumped directly onto the ground.

The closure of the landfill, a source of considerable pollution, was a result of both environmental consideration and a determined policy to improve the living conditions of the neighboring population, as well as those living downstream from this highly polluted site. The rehabilitation project was awarded to PFO Africa, which is assisted by Seureca from the design phase through to completion, under a project management contract to rehabilitate some 90 hectares of land occupied by the landfill.

The rehabilitation work began in 2021, aiming to enclose the entire mass of waste including:

  • Remodeling the landfill surface and slopes;
  • Development of a watertight covering;
  • Collection of water, leachate, and biogas;
  • Treatment of leachate;
  • Energy recovery from the biogas.

This project is in keeping with a social support strategy concerning the population living near the site.

Notre solution

Within the framework of this project, Seureca ensures on behalf of PFO : 

  • The preliminary design studies ;
  • The elaboration of the files of consultation of companies (DCE);
  • The assistance to the awarding of the works contracts;
  • The project management of the works:
    • Visa of the execution studies ; 
    • Management of the execution of works;
    • Assistance to the operations of reception.


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