Niamey - Niger

Access to water and sanitation


Project management for drinking water, sanitation, and waste treatment services associated with infectious-risk healthcare activities (DASRI) in 4 public hospitals in Niamey

Niamey's population is growing steadily, along with an expanding surface area. This creates new infrastructure and service needs, particularly in the water and sanitation sector.

Seureca carries out this project to improve sanitation and hygiene conditions in 4 public hospitals in the city, in partnership with the Nigerian design office, CEH Sidi, and funding by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). 

The objective is to provide at least 3 of the 4 hospitals with more effective sanitation facilities and hazardous waste treatment systems to reduce the impact of these facilities on the environment and their resulting health risks for the population. 

This project management contract aims to define the management and financing methods for the operation, as well as the facilities’ maintenance to ensure the sustainability of these funded systems.

Our solution

Seureca has carried out: 

  • Field data collection, measurement campaigns, and diagnosis of wastewater, waste, and drinking water installations;
  • Studies for the preliminary overview and final preliminary design, the environmental impact, and the social impact to determine the optimal technical and economic solutions to be used;
  • Preparation of business consultation files and procurement support;
  • Assistance in capacity-building for the works supervision;
  • The follow-up and quality control all the way to the commissioning and acceptance of the installations. 


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