Sultanate of Oman

Access to water and sanitation


Pre-feasibility study for an artificial recharge of aquifers and water resource storage PAEW (Public Authority for Electricity and Water of Oman)

In an environment of severe water scarcity, the Omani Public Water Authority (PAEW) is facing a significant increase of water consumption, year after year.

The PAEW recognises that there is a real need to ensure the reliability of its water supply system through increased storage capacity and providing additional supply sources during the peak season and in emergency situations. As a result, PAEW has launched a study to assess the value and feasibility of developing artificial groundwater storage and recovery (ASR) facilities in the country.

Our solution

Seureca conducted a hydraulic study including a water demand assessment to determine the supply options from aquifers and their capacity to meet nationwide demands. 
Seureca's expertise focused on:

  • Evaluation of ASR as strategic drinking water resource to be used during emergency cases;
  • Evaluation of ASR as seasonal storage application, to balance peak & low water supply & demand;
  • Assessment of the options to connect ASR to existing & planned water infrastructure;
  • Investigation for the feasibility of a central ASR vs regional ASRs;  
  • Evaluation of interconnections of ASR schemes to existing and under construction water transmission systems;
  • Comparison for the use of existing infrastructure vs new infrastructure for ASR implementations: desalination plants, well fields, dams;
  • Cost Estimation for the implementation of 3 different ASR options.


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