Optimizing the utility services at Norman Manley International Airport

Multi sites - Multi businesses

The Norman Manley International Airport is the chief airport for business travel and air cargo traffic to and from Jamaica. The airport plays a vital role in the country’s economic development and is the main gateway to the capital, Kingston.

For the Airport Authority and the distributor, Seureca is carrying out an inventory of the existing situation and making proposals for the management efficiency in four key services: drinking water, indoor air quality, energy, and waste management.

The overall goal is to provide sufficient information pertaining to the present situation to undertake a management and monitoring program to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of the operations and infrastructure over the next 20 years.

Our solution

In total, four studies are being conducted in parallel, organized into three phases:

  1. Data collection and analysis of the existing projects;
  2. Diagnosis of the current state of services;
  3. Outlining the future needs and the means to ensure optimum service performances at the airport and definition of their strategic management plans.



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