Integrated solid waste management for JBM Environment Management

Energy systems and decarbonization

JBM Environment Management Pvt. Ltd. is setting up an integrated solid waste management facility that includes: collection, transportation, sanitary landfill, and waste-to-energy conversion in the town of Sonepat, in Haryana State.

The facility processes 600 tons per day of municipal solid waste and has an energy production capacity of 9 MW.

Our solution

In order to set up the installation, JBM Environnement Management Pvt mandated DESL, a subsidiary of Seureca, for the following missions:

  1. Engineering services - mechanical, civil, electrical, monitoring, instrumentation, etc;
  2. Assessment of the quantity and quality of available solid waste;
  3. Combustion technology for steam and power generation;
  4. Tender documents preparation and procurement assistance;
  5. Development support, quality control, and project management;
  6. Technical assistance in obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations;
  7. Day-to-day monitoring of site progress, including coordination of the various participants, troubleshooting assistance, and performance guarantees.


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