Bordeaux - France

Adaptation to climate change


An innovative urban cooling system in greater Bordeaux

With climate change, the frequency of heat waves is expected to increase. One of the aims in dealing with this problem is to guarantee a sustainable environment conducive to the well-being of inhabitants by anticipating the consequences of global warming.

As the delegate for the city of Bordeaux, SABOM, with assistance from Seureca, proposed to test an urban cooling system in an innovative approach to sustainable development. The operating principle of this system is based on using rainwater.

Our solution

Seureca was entrusted with the following missions:

  1. Pre-feasibility studies (micro-climatic modeling,
  2. multi-scenario dimensioning, multi-criteria analysis,
  3. and cost estimates);
  4. Project outline - dimensioning, cost estimates,
  5. drafting contractual documents, etc.;
  6. Project management for coordinating the work;
  7. Accompanying the operation of the system;
  8. Monitoring the performance indicators.


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