Mombasa, Kisumu, Nairobi - Kenya

Access to water and sanitation


Engineering studies, design & Works supervision to upgrade water supply, severage disposal and flood prevention at international aeroports of Mombasa, Kisumu and Nairobi

The water supply and sewage systems of the three Kenyan international airports are no longer efficient enough for their needs.

While work to improve drainage has already been launched at Mombasa Airport, studies and work are expected to start at the Nairobi and Kisumu airports

Our solution

Seureca provided studies and design services under this contract for:

  • Wastewater outflow systems at the three airports, including redimensioning the size of the networks and relocating a pumping station located at Kisumu Airport;
  • Drainage systems for handling the overflow of rainwater throughout the airports during rainy seasons. Seureca has also designed outlying drains to treat the water from lakes near the sites.

To diversify the water supply, Seureca:

  • Recommends digging boreholes;
  • Provides for an additional water supply for each of the sites, based on increasing the distribution capacity of the water distribution utilities of each of the cities involved.


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