Energy recovery optimization between a wastewater treatment plant and an energy recovery facility

Energy systems and decarbonization

The Interdepartmental Syndicate for the Sanitation of Greater Paris (SIAAP) and the Intercommunal Syndicate for the Destruction of Urban Residues (SIDRU) both operate in the Paris area. Given the geographical location of the Seine Grésillons wastewater treatment plant, operated by the SIAAP, and the Azalys waste-to-energy plant, managed by the SIDRU, the two syndicates signed an agreement for cooperation.

In this agreement, the signatories have taken steps to identify the potential synergies between their activities, such as heating SIAAP’s sludge digesters with the surplus energy from SIDRU’s household waste incineration.

Our solution

Seureca participated in this project, carrying out a feasibility study on the technical, economic, and regulatory aspects to enable the two organizations to assess the opportunity to go further in implementing possible synergies.


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