Waste collection and treatment improvement program

The Kvemo Kartli region is implementing a plan to upgrade the collection and treatment of solid waste. The program is fi nanced with loans from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Swedish grants. The stakeholders in this project are the Solid Waste Management Corporation Georgia (locally called the SWMCG), which will be building and operating a new regional landfill site compliant with European regulations, and the towns of Marneuli, Bolnisi, Dmanisi, Tetritskaro, and Tsalka, which will be responsible for collecting and transporting solid waste to the new treatment site. The objective is to improve the collection while requiring residents and businesses to comply with the polluter pays principle. This measure should allow the waste management company and the towns to eventually achieve a balanced budget.



  1. Technical support for the municipalities and the SWMCG to implement the financing agreement signed with the EBRD. This support focused, in particular, on defining a pricing policy as well as the calculation of costs and applied prices over twenty years. It also included upgrades, through training, on the environmental, health and safety, and technical components (operation of an environmentally compliant landfill site, including leachate and biogas management).
  2. Definition of an action plan and monitoring of its implementation over one year to improve the performance of the SWMCG and cities regarding waste management. This action plan is broken down into various financial, technical, and environmental components.
  3. Definition and implementation of a yearlong communication/awareness campaign to accompany the changes.