Veolia and Icade in partnership to improve air quality in office buildings

OFIS, Seureca's subsidiary,  and Icade are working together to experiment ways of improving indoor air quality in office buildings, thanks to cutting-edge sensors that measure and continually increase indoor air quality (ventilation, indoor air recycling, and improved filtration systems). The sensors also monitor CO2 levels, hydrometric data, fine particles, volatile organic compounds.  
To design the cutting-edge sensors, Veolia and Icade called upon several innovative start-ups. This process of open innovation will lead to initial testing taking place from spring 2018, in particular in the PB5 tower in Paris’ major business district of La Défense.   “This experiment, carried out in collaboration with Icade, will allow us to offer our commercial and industrial clients a combined solution, integrating energy efficiency and health security in buildings,” said Sabine Fauquez, OFIS Executive vice-president.   “With Veolia, we want to guarantee a healthy, effective environment. This experiment, facilitated by Airlab, will enable us to drive change in best practices in indoor air quality and continue to enhance the comfort of occupants” said Benjamin Ficquet, Director of green transition at Icade.