Prevention of Legionella risk

Accor, the leading hotel group in France and worldwide, has monitored the quality of the water in its establishments for many years. As part of its health protection policy, Accor is setting up preventive measures to manage technical facilities presenting legionella risks, including cooling towers and sanitary hot water networks. The Accor Academy has launched an ambitious program as well, to train technicians in the management of sanitary risks.



  • Audit of hot and cold water sanitary systems, air conditioning facilities (cooling towers) and swimming pool systems;
  • Action plan for the prevention of health risks;
  • Defining water quality maintenance standards;
  • Training technicians (water treatment, prevention of legionella risk, maintenance).

The audit includes

  • Description of the installations;
  • Identification, recording, and characterization of the network’s structural and operational defects (critical points);
  • A summary of the micro-biological and physico-chemical analyses conducted;
  • Defining the corrective and preventive actions to be implemented to reduce these risks.

The objectives were

  • To conduct an inventory of the sanitary installations, cooling, and swimming pool systems, in terms of design, operation and maintenance;
  • To correlate the analytic results with the findings of the on-site audit;
  • To provide decision-making support via recommendations to ensure the safety of installations and to meet regulatory requirements;
  • To reinforce the implementation of these measures through training sessions and regular sanitary monitoring.