Water supply master plan of Ariane 6 ground installations

The National Center for Space Studies (CNES) is the government agency responsible for planning and implementing the space program for the French government. Seureca signed two contracts with the CNES in 2015: the first concerns drafting a master plan for the supply of water to the Guyanais space center, while the second focuses on the design of ground infrastructures for the future Ariane 6 launcher.

French Guiana


1st project
The previous study and model, dating from 2010, were updated to define a works program that took the center’s operational changes into consideration: the integration of the Ariane 6 project, and reduction of Ariane 5 and Soyouz activities.

The project consisted of 7 stages:
1. Data collection;
2. Summary of needs/resources;
3. Model update;
4. Audit of future operations;
5. Defining scenarios for the supply of drinking water, fire-fighting, and industrial processes;
6. Technical and economic comparative of the various scenarios;
7. Prioritization and costs for the works program.

2nd project
Seureca also designed all the water installations: abstraction, treatment, storage, flow and distribution of drinking water, industrial process water, fire-fighting water, domestic and industrial wastewater, and rainwater. The preliminary design studies and detailed design studies were carried out, leading to the drafting of a construction tender package for all launcher infrastructure for Ariane 6.