Wastewater system rehabilitation project

After conducting an audit of its wastewater system and preparing a master plan, the town of Culan (Cher county) entrusts Seureca with the complete project management to implement the works program. The presence of a medieval castle classified as a historical monument nearby led to particularly delicate environmental constraints.



Preliminary phase
  • Verification and validation of the works program;
  • Breakdown of the works into phases that were compatible with the town’s financial resources and the requirements of the water police.

Design phase

  • Provisional budget, project feasibility in terms of program and site requirements, general layout and quantities, technical solutions, provisional estimate of the cost of works;
  • Location of buildings and equipment, operating costs;
  • Consultation of contractors;
  • Implementation schedule.

Construction phase

  • Selection of contractor;
  • Control of compliance of working drawings, technical and financial control;
  • Control of document compliance, organization of site meetings, verification of itemised statements of account, assistance to the contracting authority;
  • Organization of pre-acceptance tests and trials, preparation of reports.