Urban water management plan and wastewater master plan

Ciudad del Plata is a rapidly developing town with a population of 35,000 near Montevideo, the country’s capital. The city’s swift development has taken place in a diffi cult social and physical context, requiring a long-term plan to meet major challenges: protection of the population against flooding during the rainy season and high tides, appropriate wastewater treatment, and securing the production and distribution of drinking water. This urban landscape confi guration needed redesigning.



  • Assessment of water resources and urban mobility;
  • Assessment of governance;
  • Construction of a geographic information system.

Urban water management plan

  • Projection of urban and demographic development;
  • Definition of objectives and schedule;
  • Proposal of a strategy to develop infrastructure and services;
  • Study of legal framework;
  • Changes to the local planning guidelines.

Master plan and preliminary design

  • Formulation, design, analysis, and choice of technical alternatives;
  • Estimation of investment and operating costs;
  • Implementation schedule and investment program;
  • Preparation of infrastructure preliminary design;
  • Detailed definition of management system programs, training, and awareness campaigns.