Technical support for the Cuanza Norte water board

The project involves providing technical support to EASCN (Empresa de Água e Saneamento de Cuanza Norte) to manage the drinking water networks in N’Dalatando, capital of the province of Cuanza Norte in Angola. The goal is to expand service coverage from 9,000 connections at the start of the project to reach 14,000 in 2017. The network comprises 130 km of pipelines and is supplied by a 5,000 m³ reservoir connected to a treatment plant with an 8,000 m³/day capacity.



Transfer of skills and training
  • Customer service software: definition and implementation of invoicing procedures, collection of unpaid invoices, training program;
  • Definition and implementation of a hydraulic model;
  • Improvement of operation and maintenance: review of existing procedures and implementation of good practices;
  • Training program for the water facility operations staff;
  • Roll-out of financial software and definition of good financial practices.

Organization and workforce

  • Management, accounting, information systems, financial, technical, operational, and maintenance expertise;
  • Selection of qualified technical staff.