Technical Assistance for the power and water company (EAGB)

The government of Guinea Bissau has implemented a major program to improve its water and power services, known as PURSEE, with support from the World Bank. Through the construction of a new power plant (gasoil), prepaid meters and water tower, this program aims to increase the capacity of electricity generation and water distribution. A portion of these funds are used by the government to commission a consultant, Seureca, to improve the financial and operational performance of EAGB.




  • Technical assistance to the financial and operational improvement program of EAGB;
  • Operational audit of the existing situation;
  • Performance review;
  • Company organization;
  • Staff skills development;
  • Internal and external audit;
  • Operating procedures;
  • Preparation of an action plan to be implemented during the technical assistance, support assistance for the budget preparation and financial modeling;
  • Action plan for the reduction of non revenue electricity;
  • Development of GIS for electricity;
  • Program assessment for the installation of pre-paid meters.