Technical assistance for the collection and treatment of wastewater

Santiago is the largest island in the Cape Verde archipelago and has a population of 275,000 people. The water and sanitation infrastructure is in a very poor condition and does not cover all the needs of the population. The inter-municipal company Águas de Santiago (AdS) was founded in 2014, stemming from a merger of Santiago’s pre existing municipal utilities. This change aims to improve the level of service while ensuring economic and financial viability for this new company. The objective is to assist AdS to start operations under the best possible conditions, in an organised and efficient manner, while taking account of social priorities.

Cape Verde


Human Resources

  • Defining a new organisational chart;
  • Drafting Human Resource and restructuring plans.

Information Systems

  • Drafting reference standards for the acquisition of IT systems;
  • Participation in the offers assessment and deployment support for the systems;
  • Construction of a geographical information system.


  • Compiling an inventory of subscribers;
  • Defining rules for procedures concerning services and client management;
  • Defining the strategy.

Operation and Maintenance

  • Inventory of assets and system diagrams;
  • Defining procedures;
  • Defining the strategy.

Administration and Finance

  • Defining procedures;
  • Support for set-up of general and analytical accounting processes.

Strategy and Support

  • Drafting a business plan;
  • Legal support;
  • Defining key indicators;
  • Staff training.