Technical assistance for a desalination plant

Sur desalination plant is the largest seawater reverse osmosis plant in the world that is fed entirely by groundwater extracted from beach wells, with a capacity of 83,648 m³/day. Since 2009, the plant has provided the main source of potable water for 2 governorates of Oman, Sharqiyah South and Sharqiyah North. After seven years of operation, the operating company Bahwan Veolia Water (BVW) and Sharqiyah Desalination Company (SDC) sought Seureca’s support to prepare for the future by proposing recommendations for the continuous improvement of operating practices and the implementation of targeted plant optimization.



Asset management
  • Preparation of a Strategic Asset Management Plan as a foundation to develop an ISO 55000 compliant Asset Management System;
  • Audit for the implementation of the Veolia Group’s best practices.

Information system

  • Evaluation of the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system;
  • Organization and process set-up;
  • Recommendations to upgrade the system.

Operations and maintenance

  • Feasibility study of several options to secure and enhance the production capacity of the existing plant;
  • Baseline study of the beach wells of the plant (structure, running hours, flow rates, water levels).


  • Feasibility study for on-site treatment of sludge generated by the plan extension.

Firefighting system

  • Leak detection on the fi refi ghting system using Helium gas detection method.