Securing water systems in the European hospital

The European Hospital, a new hospital in Marseille, opened in August 2013. In any new project, the network commissioning is a crucial time because it is a frequent cause of bacterial contamination. Commissioning is often progressive, causing stagnation phenomena conducive to the development of a biofilm inside pipelines. When not under control, this phenomenon is difficult to eliminate by the disinfection usually carried out at the end of implementation of the network. Therefore it is essential to implement precautionary procedures to maintain water quality until occupancy. Société des Eaux de Marseille, in partnership with Seureca, has been mandated by the operator to design monitoring and operating protocols to implement.



Seureca has developed a technical and sanitary assistance service in collaboration with health staff, technical services and contractors to ensure occupants’ health throughout the life of the building.

A technical inventory of water supply system was conducted to check the Post-implementation report (as-built drawing, data sheet…), to ensure networks balancing (flow and temperature measurements) and to identify residual risk factors.

Based on this analysis, Seureca proposed technical improvements and developed monitoring and operation plans for the different commissioning phases.

The facility can now rely on Seureca technical recommendations and a sanitary logbook that is constantly evolving depending on the activity of the Hospital.