Preliminary lab research and full scale application of a lamella settler

Located in the Ghent harbour, the Eastman Chemical facility produces methylamines and derivatives (e.g. fungicides). The process wastewater is characterized by the presence of toxic substances and a nitrogen surplus. The original trickling filter treatment process did not succeed in producing an effluent that complies with environmental legislation. Therefore, the company invested in a second biological step (activated sludge). However, significant problems with sludge flotation and washout arose since the start-up of the new plant and nitrification remained unstable.



Full scale follow-up and process optimization

  • Analytical follow-up and data interpretation;
  • Proposals and follow-up for full scale actions to improve the process results results in the short term.

Lab research

  • A simulation of lamella settler for intermediate removal of sludge washout from the trickling filter;
  • Identifying optimal process conditions for the coagulation and flocculation of non soluble matter.

Full scale application and follow-up of a lamella settler

  • Proposal of full scale installation in cooperation with VWST Belgium;
  • Assistance in installation and operation of the settler;
  • Process follow-up (site visits, meetings, frequent updates by mail/phone);
  • Analytical follow-up (toxicity and activity measurement, microscopic analyses).