Preliminary feasibility study for an integrated and innovative wastewater management project

The city of Bogor is located in the province of Java, 60 km south of Jakarta. As part of the National Development Plan for Access to Sanitation (objective: 100% by 2019), a wastewater master plan was prepared in 2011. Feasibility and detailed design studies were then carried out between 2012 and 2015 for the first phase of this master plan. Seureca was entrusted with analyzing and validating the studies carried out.



  • Development of a strategy for the phased development of a collective wastewater system in a dense urban environment with rugged topography.
  • Conceptual definition of the main physical characteristics of the wastewater network intended to cover the central area of the city and the preliminary design of the wastewater treatment plant after a comparative analysis of different treatment processes.
  • Preliminary costing of investments and operating costs (network and treatment plant) and preparation of the terms of reference for the detailed economic and financial analysis prior to finalizing the loan agreement between the Indonesian government and the French Development Agency (AFD).
  • Preparation of reference documents for the Ministry of Public Works and Housing to assist in the development of similar projects in a number of Indonesian cities.