Management contract for Guinea’s electricity

In 2012, the Guinean government adopted a recovery plan, which is currently being implemented. It intends to sustainably recover the electricity sector in Guinea and, more particularly, Electricité de Guinée (EDG), through the implementation of a 1.3 billion-dollar program to develop thermal and hydroelectric generation assets and networks.



  • Development of a geographic information system (GIS) of the electricity system;
  • Modeling and study of the electricity network protection plan;
  • Operational diagnosis and maintenance plan for production, transmission, and distribution facilities;
  • Program to support the rehabilitation of hydroelectric power plants;
  • Development of specifications for a customer survey and a computerized customer management system;
  • Strategy and detailed action plan to deploy pre-payment metering and to secure revenues;
  • Reorganization of human resources;
  • Implementation of a unit for internal and external communication;
  • Review of internal control procedures;
  • Strategy to improve operational and financial performance;
  • Reorganization of the engineering and design office;
  • Prime contractor support procedures.