Lahore / Faisalabad - Pakistan

Access to water and sanitation


Lahore and Faisalabad water and sanitation agencies performance diagnosis and action plan

The Punjab province in Pakistan is experiencing high population growth, particularly in two of its largest cities, Lahore and Faisalabad.

Against a background of ever-increasing water demand and poor performance, the Water and Sanitation Authorities (WASA) of Lahore and Faisalabad are faced with an alarming situation regarding water resources and their service delivery.
Under a multi-country framework contract with the AFD, Seureca is responsible for carrying out a strategic and operational diagnosis to assist the WASA for each city in developing its action program for performance improvement and capacity-building.

Our solution

Seureca’s expertise concentrated on these issues:

  • The maturity assessment of the public utilities:
    • An organizational and institutional review;
    • Analysis of the economic and financial performance, including tariffs and sustainability;
    • Co-evaluation of the key processes’ situation via participatory workshops to identify the strengths, weaknesses, and principal improvement levers;
    • The benchmarking of performance indicators.
  • The development of a comprehensive action plan to revamp these public utilities:
    • Joint definition of the 3 to 5-year analysis;
    • Prioritizing actions and integrating these into a transition roadmap for the public services - including a focus on digitalization - and development of a 5-year technical assistance program to accompany the utilities’ restructuration.

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