Feasibility study to improve energy effciency and introduce biomass power

Kievenergo is the heat and power utility in Kiev. Energy is mainly produced from gas whose cost is now increasing dramatically. The objective is to reduce gas consumption through energy efficiency measures by reducing heat losses and improving the heat regulation in consumers’ buildings. It is also to introduce biomass (in place of gas) in the production of energy by using the abundant resources from the surrounding regions. The project has pinpointed 3 pilot areas in the city to perform detailed analyses and make recommendations for implementing further investments.



  • Development of a Geographical Information System (GIS) for the District Heating system;
  • Heat load analysis;
  • Development of a thermo-hydraulic model and a technical analysis (using Termis software) of the DH system in the pilot areas;
  • Analysis of the existing biomass resources for Kiev heating facilities and review of the environmental regulations;
  • Review of the existing economic regulatory framework (green tariff mechanisms) for using biomass;
  • Analysis of biomass supply conditions and identification of investments for biomass heat and/or power facilities;
  • Guidelines for developing a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system as well as for monitoring water quality;
  • Preparation of a bankable priority investment program;
  • Development of a financial strategy project and exploration of Public Private Partnership options for implementing biomass Combined Heat and Power projects in Kiev (IPP, BOT, BOO, DBO).