Feasibility studies, final design, and preparation of tender documents for the creation of a landfill site

Nairobi is a fast-growing city of 3 million people. Each year, over 800,000 tonnes of solid waste is produced in Nairobi and only a portion of this waste is taken to the waste disposal site at Dandora. Since this facility is nearing saturation, a new industrial landfill site is indispensable to meet the city’s storage needs.



Designation of the technical landfill site location

  • Review of preliminary studies for the management of solid waste in the Nairobi city area;
  • Definition of selection criteria for a site choice, and identification of 10 potential locations;
  • Site selection.

Feasibility studies

  • Dimensions of the technical landfill site;
  • Technical studies for the designated site;
  • Survey design: zonal boundaries, cells, sealing layer and capping system, drainage, collection and treatment zone for leachates and biogas, infrastructure, facilities, roads, and equipment;
  • Budget estimates.

Detailed technical and structural design

  • Detailed design for various operating processes: truck circulation, drainage, collection of biogas, and composting;
  • Detailed design of works: excavations, roadworks, equipment list, electro mechanical installations;
  • Drafting tender documents for the purchase of equipment and services;
  • Drafting operating, maintenance, and occupational health and safety manuals.

Social and environmental studies

  • Preliminary environmental audit and detailed study of the project’s environmental impact;
  • Rag-picker management and rehousing plan.