Energy efficiency for a district heating network

Termoelectrica, an urban district heating company located in Chişinău, is assisted by Seureca to improve network investment planning and customer service management. This implies changing from a production-driven system to a demand-driven system. A pilot project was developed to study the feasibility and impact of energy efficiency measures: individual building and housing unit control and implementation of individual billing.



  • Modeling the heating demand until 2030, taking into account various scenarios to quantify the impact of energy effi ciency measures on demand trends and economic profitability.
  • Recommendations and tools to improve customer service management: contract management, complaints management, communication, billing system.
  • Feasibility study including a measurement campaign for the installation of individual controls on vertical pipe systems.
  • Customer satisfaction survey to households concerned by the implementation of energy efficiency measures, to predict the impact of the measures on satisfaction.
  • Analysis of the impact on demand by installing 300 individual substations: 11% energy savings on average with an increase of up to 40 days in the heating period.
  • Balancing networks and optimizing the heat schedule on four buildings resulting in an additional 8% in energy savings.