Sorting, recovery, and recycling

Sorting and recovery

Waste conversion is a strategic issue for municipalities and industries to decrease the volume of waste disposal, limit impact to the environment, and reduce the consumption of natural resources.
To recover and recycle waste, it is imperative to foresee the sorting and preparation of waste. Seureca handles all types of waste-organizing plants: the sorting of household packaging, mechanical-biological separation, precise separation of plastics, paper, and other recyclable waste, as well as organic recovery, such as composting and methanization.

Our expertise:

  • Identification of new sectors for recycling/recovery;
  • Design of installations for material conversion: plants for the sorting of household waste, of solid recovered fuel waste (SRF), composting, etc.;
  • Technical assistance in the operation of material recovery facilities (MRF);
  • Awareness campaigns for the population and employees to improve sorting practices.

Once waste is sorted, it is sent on to recycling facilities. We encourage municipalities and industries to pinpoint the most interesting materials to recycle and to implement an efficient, sustainable strategy.

Our expertise:

  • Identification of new channels for recycling/recovery;
  • Market study in the recycling sector; 
  • Design of recycling lines for plastic.