Customer support for waste collection and treatment

Strategy and plans

We provide tailor-made support to waste management services at various levels, local, national, and subnational, to define strategy and planning. We scale the appropriate means to the facilities, as well as the expenses and revenues for a sustainable management of waste.

Our expertise:

  • Waste sector market studies;
  • Development and implementation for waste management strategies;
  • Creation and implementation for integrated waste management plans;
  • Infrastructure and investment planning;
  • Ecomonic and financial studies;
  • Business plans;
  • Tariff studies.
Performance optimization

Seureca implements its broad range of expertise to design or restructure a waste management service for performance improvement. We give professional support on technical aspects as well as on financial and human terms. Vocational training allows clients to bolster the improvements which have been put into place.

Our expertise:

  • Audit and recommendations for performance improvement;
  • Defining and establishing KPIs to track performance;
  • Assistance in the drafting and implementation of operational procedures;
  • Vocational training.
Social engineering

Operation of waste management services not only requires technical competencies, it exacts a real knowledge in social engineering skills, which is the centerpiece to Seureca’s approach.
We intercede and maintain dialogue with domestic partners and communities. How so? Through awareness campaigns for the population and communication campaigns linked to our initiatives.

Our expertise:

  • Dialog with the informal waste management sector;
  • Awareness campaigns;
  • Communication plans.
Health, safety, and environment

Our expertise :

  • Definition and establishment of HSE procedures;
  • Definition and establishment of an environnemental management plan;
  • HSE training for waste management.