Renewable energy and energy efficiency

Energy efficiency for buildings

Hospitals, office buildings, data centers, shopping malls, and residential complexes are becoming more complex and now require the expertise of energy professionals to optimize the operation and control consumption levels. Those in charge of managing buildings are faced with rising energy prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations. They must ensure that buildings are aligned with the environmental commitments. Veolia’s strong commitment to results meets these requirements. At each site, Seureca’s experts carry out an energy audit and draw up an improvement plan including: the work on buildings, upgrades for energy facilities, monitoring of tools and systems, to save energy.

Our expertise:

  • Proven audit-based site methodology
  • Cooling and heating building studies
  • Energy efficiency building studies
  • Savings estimation advice
  • Design services for energy-efficient buildings
  • Commissioning for energy-efficient buildings
Energy efficiency for industrials

As a partner to industries, Seureca believes in energy efficiency to boost operational, financial, and environmental performance. Seureca has continuously upgraded its methodologies to carry out energy audits and support clients throughout the implementation of energy efficiency projects in a wide range of sectors – alcohol and distillery, auto ancillaries, breweries, bio-chemicals, cement, chemicals, cooking oil, fertilizer, food processing, glass and ceramics, paper, pharmaceutical, power plants refinery, sugar, iron and steel, tea estates, textile.

Our expertise:

  • ​Proven audit-based site methodology
  • Program design with improvement measures
  • Cost and return on investment (ROI) analysis
  • Project measurement and verification
Renewable energy projects

In these times of rising fuel costs and increased awareness of the carbon footprint, both governments and manufacturers are launching renewable energy projects.
Seureca provides beginning-to-end solutions launch biomass-based power generation and cogeneration plants and for both captive and grid-synchronized operations. Seureca has also developed a reliable expertise in waste-to-energy projects, solar, wind, and other renewable energies.

Our expertise:

  • Full resource analysis
  • Biomass assessment survey
  • Feasibility studies
  • Owner- lender engineering services
  • ​Detailed engineering
  • Procurement guidance