Air quality

Indoor air quality

Seureca is an indoor air quality specialist and is one of the first companies to obtain the COFRAC accreditation for indoor air quality sampling/monitoring in public buildings. Indoor air pollution is a major public health issue. Seureca's services optimize ventilation in buildings and assess air pollutant levels in order to reduce occupants’ exposure to the latter. Seureca also offers a proactive, high-performance air pollution monitoring solution to assess health parameters and indoor comfort.

Our expertise:

  • Indoor air quality audits:
    Particulate concentration
    Containment (CO2, CO)
    Bacterial and fungal flora
    Comfort (temperature, relative humidity)
    Chemical pollution (benzene, formaldehyde, VOC)
  • Air conditioning systems audits (air handling units, ductworks, terminal units)
  • HQETM Exploitation certification system (target 11 « Olfactive comfort » and target 13 « Air sanitary quality »
  • ​Surveillance of indoor air quality in public: buildings:
    Evaluation of ventilation systems
    Good practice guide
    Measurements (benzene, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide)
  • Audit and control of cleanrooms and associated controlled environments:
    Particulate concentration
    Particle removal kinetics
    Measurement of differential and relative pressures
    Measurements of air velocities and flow rates
    Microbiological controls of air and surfaces
  • Continuous monitoring of air quality (Sentin’air©)
  • Air sampling strategy and measurements (indoor air, outdoor air)
  • COFRAC accredited air sampling
  • Characterization of sources of pollutants
  • Odors expertise
  • Crisis management
  • Technical training and awareness of staff (indoor air quality in public buildings, indoor air quality in health facilities, atmospheric pollutions …)