Water and wastewater networks

Water networks

Water is transported from the plants to the customer by interconnected transmission and distribution networks which need to be regularly upgraded, maintained, and aligned with urban development needs. Seureca’s hydraulic expert engineers master network engineering with proven experience in the field since 1959.


Our expertise:

  • Non-revenue water, water losses reduction
  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Leak detection techniques
  • Pressure modulation
  • Metering
Wastewater networks

Before treatment and release into the natural environment, wastewater is collected from the sewer networks and transported to treatment plants through interconnected transmission and distribution networks. The networks need to be regularly upgraded, maintained, and aligned with urban development needs. Seureca’s engineers and experts have proven experience in wastewater network management to run efficient assistance to improve sewage services and solve operational issues.


Our expertise:

  • Master plan and investment program definition
  • Wastewater network modelling/hydraulic diagnosis
  • Sewage pumping station audit
  • Odor control
  • Sewage system preliminary design and OPEX/CAPEX estimates
  • Technical assistance on operations and maintenance
Water utilities planning and strategy

A growing preoccupation to minimize performance costs and achieve quality service leads to long-term customer satisfaction in water utilities. This is why Seureca has developed solid methodologies to help clients meet their objectives and measure the results.


Our expertise:

  • Water need forecast
  • Infrastructure and investment planning
  • KPIs and Balanced scorecards
  • Economic and financial studies
  • Business Plans
  • Rate studies
Water resource

Water is a precious resource, and must be carefully managed to protect biodiversity and best serve human needs. Seureca offers services to public authorities, governments, and environmental organizations to help them protect, restore, and enhance the ecological balance of their natural water resources. 


Our expertise :

  • Hydrology
  • Hydrogeology