Industrial process water and wastewater

Industrial water

With more than 50 years of experience, Seureca fully grasps the environmental, regulatory and efficiency concerns related to water, process water, and wastewater management for industries.


Our expertise:

  • Process water production
  • Wastewater treatment technologies
  • Start-up and field monitoring of full-scale plants
  • Water reuse and bioenergy studies
  • Testing and prototype design
  • Training and knowledge transfer
Water reuse

Integrated water management is increasingly important, not only from the perspective of limiting wastewater discharges -and the associated costs- but also from the approach of limiting ground water and/or tap water intake. A rationalization plan for water usage and use of alternative water sources can significantly reduce the "water footprint" as well as water intake and discharge costs.


Our expertise:

  • Consumption water audits
  • Alternative sources or water re-use opportunities studies
  • Water recycling feasibility studies
  • Water re-use facilities design
Energy recovery

Although wastewater treatment uses much energy, it is a major source of clean energy. For instance, some treatment phases such as sludge digestion release methane, which can be captured and recycled to produce heat and electricity. Treatment sludge is rich in phosphorus and nitrogen, which makes it an excellent source of fertilizer. By harnessing these different clean energy sources, Seureca makes treatment plants more versatile.


Our expertise:

  • Anaerobic water treatment expertise
  • Feasibility studies for bio-gas production and re-use
  • Anaerobic treatment units design